Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Searching for Christmas beautiful cards and Xmas free fonts - get it here.

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45+ Beautiful Christmas Cards

Want to surprise your relatives and friends with original Christmas card? You’ll find in this post 45+ Beautiful Christmas Cards which you can use for inspiration. Wake-up the artist that sleeps in you!
Beautiful Christmas Cards
Beautiful Christmas Cards

1. “Merry Christmas” by tracy.

2. “Christmas Card Template” by mediaVinci.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

3. “Christmas card design” by ofpaperandthread.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

4. “Christmas card design” by janedenison.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

5. “Christmas Card” by magrad.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

6. “Christmas Card” by ushio18.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

7. “Greeting card for christmas” by cuson.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

8. “The Magical Christmas tree” by ikaa.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

10. “Christmas card” by ma4u4a.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

11. “Christmas Card” by josephsos.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

14. “Christmas Card - Polar Bears” by dylacium.

Beautiful Christmas Cards
Beautiful Christmas Cards

17. “E-Mail Christmas Card” by spaghetti016.

18. “Christmas Card Collection” by moopf.

19. “Monkey Tree” by ellegarden.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

20. “Merry Christmas” by alfredocaceres.

Beautiful Christmas Cards
Beautiful Christmas Cards

23. “Holiday Card” by chicken1985.

24. “Christmas Glow” by pmartike.

25. “Christmas card” by babazna.

26. “Nice” by cre8vsteph.

Beautiful Christmas Cards

27. “Merry Christmas” by fstitz.

Beautiful Christmas Cards
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For whom who was loved and love Leona Lewis ,this post is for you.

On Tuesday, Billboard magazine named Leona its Top New Artist of the Year. According to Billboard, her credentials include being 2008’s best-selling new artist and the year’s fifth best-selling artist worldwide — plus, “Bleeding Love” is the best selling single of the year.( Source: ETOnline.com.)
Leona’s cover for her debut album, which is called Spirit, is GORGEOUS! 
Check out the official tracklist if you would like to knowing more , but for downloading video music of her i make a full shares on my express online storage for you by clicking below.
In this first post i adding 6 songs that has been most notable of Leona Lewis, please return in the next , i will updated many newest songs for your interests and get download-links .
For downloading full songs : ( noted by * ) you should be go from links below for free watch and download..( click on small triangle Play button to views, the screen sometimes has a ? symbol because i don't added screen pictures.)
Spirit Album. .Leona Lewis Official website .
1. Bleeding Love . ( * ) first version original.
2. Whatever It Takes
3. Homeless
4. Better In Time . ( * ).
5. Yesterday
6. Take A Bow
7. I Will Be
8. Angel
9. Here I Am
10. I’m You
11. The Best You Never Had
12. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. ( * ).
13. Footprints In The Sand
14. A Moment Like This [UK Bonus Track].( * ).
Other songs : Forgive me  ( * ); without you ( * );
NEXT update post :
November 27, 2008: Leona attends the 2008 Bambi Awards in Germany and wins the award for Shooting Star. Leona looks so happy and proud posing with her award and kissing it. That’s the cutest award ever,
 Leona performing at Bambi Awards [HQ]  is a High Quality version of Leona’s performance of “Bleeding Love” at the 2008 Bambi Awards last night, added on next post and many more other Leona lewis performs.

LEONA LEWIS VIDEO MUSIC 6 song part 1., enjoy !

Monday, November 24, 2008

Get help to finds something useful for you !

Hello world !
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There's another way when you want to find anything on the web , simply post your short comment including your need.
All fearures will be post in the next.